For the first time in history the Church in America can now use Catholic-friendly financial institutions to finance projects of nearly any size or complexity. Inviting the CCUA to bid on financing capital projects creates healthy competition that will translate into meaningful savings for Catholic borrowers. It also empowers CCUA credit unions to assume a more meaningful role in the Catholic Financial Ecosystem, which benefits the entire Catholic community and contributes to a more just and humane economy.


The CCUA is a national association of credit unions, united by strong affiliations with Catholic organizations like parishes schools dioceses fraternal organizations non-profits .

Our Mission


Foster solidarity and friendship.

Best Practices

Share best practices, counsel and ideas.


Share particular competencies or expertise.


Capture economies of scale.


Facilitate reflection on Catholic mission.


Integrate canon law considerations into loan documents whenever possible.


Serve as a preferred resource for collaborative loan participations.

Meet the credit unions who are excited to be part of the CCUA.

An organization of >25 credit unions serving all 50 states and over 200,000 members.

US map of CCUA credit unions

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